Written By
William Faulkner
Screenplay: J.L. Goodman

Intruder in the Dust
It’s a frosty Mississippi winter in 1937, when CHARLES “CHICK” MALLISON runs through the woods. Just now thirteen, Chick is eager to prove himself a man. So when MR. EDMONDS (50s) invites him to rabbit hun8ng, he jumps at the chance. Chick’s mother MAGGIE (late 30s) isn’t so sure. However, his father CHARLES SR. (40s) and his uncle, GAVIN STEVENS (40s) assure her that he’ll be fine. Stevens even assures her that he’ll send a couple of boys along with him safety. The next day, Chick sets out with ALECK SANDER (13) and JOE (16). They quickly get ahead of him, as he has a big gun weighing him down. The dog they are with barks loudly in the direc8on of the rabbits they are trying to hunt. Joe and Aleck Sander cross an iced-­‐ over creek on a fallen log. When Chick tries to cross right behind them, he slips and falls into the frozen creek.

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