In The Studio
Our House is hands on in all stages of production:
  • Focus on productions that appeal to a defined demographic: “know your audience”.
  • Exploit the backlog of high quality independent films that are in all stages of development.
  • Look for packaged product with limited to no development budget needed.
  • Employ an aggressive acquisition department that works in conjunction with our marketing and distribution team.
  • Leverage Management’s extraordinary industry and talent relationships which enables Our House access to the highest caliber material and to filmmakers who are seeking production and/or distribution financing at all stages.
  • Always stay within the risk and capital parameters for production – all investments must be approved by our “green light” committee.
  • Work with the top-tier foreign sales companies to minimize production investment and equity risk.
For Media Inquiries please contact:
Eileen Koch of EKC PR (Eileen Koch & Company INC.),
a full service Branding, Marketing and Public Relations firm at 310.441.1000
or email Visit